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What Is Balayage & Tips to Get the Look

If you’ve been into a hair salon recently, chances are you’ve seen or heard of Balayage. But what is it? And why does everyone want so much of it? Read on to find out everything you need to know about Balayage and whether you should choose this trendy hair color option for yourself!

Let’s face it, some of the big and bold color trends from decades past should have been left in the past. Maybe that Statement Orange wasn’t exactly your cup of tea. Or maybe you can’t be bothered with fumbling with all those boxes of hair color trying to get the right shade to achieve a Ombré effect at home. But nothing beats a salon-grade Balayage, am I right?

What does "Balayage" mean?

The name “Balayage” comes from the French word “Balayer,” which means to sweep. This technique creates a highlights effect by painting color onto your hair in graduated, natural-looking stages.

Highlights of the past were often striped and bold, but these new hand-painted highlights keep hair looking natural while offering pops of brightness and contrast.

What is it about Balayage that makes it so popular?

It requires less maintenance than most hair color – Because the process is designed to give the look of grown-out roots in a way that’s flattering and natural, rather than stark and skunky, it lasts longer and requires less upkeep. That translates to less time and money spent at the salon.

It‘s customized – Each balayage is customized to the client’s hair color, texture, and length. The placement and gradation of the highlights are determined on a case-by-case basis to soften or accentuate facial features. As you’re looking through your stylist’s portfolio of Balayage work, remember that no two should be alike.

It‘s trendy – Celebrities such as the Kardashians and Chrissy Teigen have popularized the hair coloring trend, so it’s not surprising that people want to emulate them. A search for the hashtag “balayage” returns more than 20 million Instagram posts.

How is Balayage done?

First, your stylist should ask you a few questions that will help her know what you’re looking for. You need to have an end result in mind before you can start working on it.

some good questions to expect from your stylist are:

  • What is your favorite (and least favorite) part of your hair?
  • How do you style your hair on a daily basis?
  • How often are you looking to get your Balayage touched up?

These FAQs allow your stylist to customize the color and style of your hair according to your lifestyle and preferences.

Then, your stylist will paint sections of your hair with bleach. Light strokes should be painted toward the roots, and more saturation applied to the ends of the hair to mimic how sun-bleached hair lightens over time. This gradual placement helps prevent obvious “grow out,” allowing you to go longer between salon visits.

Balayage is all about placement and blending. You want to have contrast between the light and dark tones because that’s what creates a natural-looking, lived-in dimension.

Do all hair types respond well to Balayage?

Yes, you can do Balayage highlights on any texture or color of hair. Even if your hair is kinky-curly or very dark, these natural-looking highlights will look amazing on you.

Can you do Balayage at home?

You probably shouldn’t try to do your own Balayage. Unlike single-process hair color, which is easy to apply, Balayage techniques are very tricky to master and require a lot of education and practice. I would steer clear of any DIY Balayage and leave it to the professionals.

How to keep your Balayage looking fresh?

While you can go nearly a year without dyeing your hair with Balayage, your color won’t last forever without some upkeep. To keep it looking fresh between visits, we suggest using Intense hydrating mask once a week to bring outshine and reduce any brassy tones. A purple-toning shampoo has also been proven to balance out any yellow or orange tones that may crop up between colorings.

We suggest that our clients come back for a glossing session at the eight- to ten-week mark. This helps add some tonality back into the hair and also conditions the cuticle layer. It’s less expensive, time-consuming, and damaging than a full coloring session, while still giving a gorgeous result.

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Balayage is a beautiful and natural-looking hair color option that works especially well for people with thick, gorgeous tresses. It’s a great alternative to traditional highlighting and coloring practices because it doesn’t involve damaging the hair with chemicals. Plus, the style can be customized into almost any color tone or design. The effect can take some getting used to if you’ve never had Balayage before, but most people grow to love it.

Give it a try at Matin Beauty and see what everyone’s fussing about!

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